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Estate Planning

We all know that it is very important to have a will but many people are not aware of the costs that they can save if they set up their will correctly.

Who is the executor of your will? Did you nominate a bank or a lawyer? They will be able to charge as much as 3,5% (3,99% if you include VAT) from the value of your estate. If your house is valued at R1mil your beneficiaries will have to pay R40 000 to the executor. (NB the amount that you still owe on the house plays no part in the calculation of executor’s fees).

There are ways to save on the 3,5% executors fees.

I can assist you to set up your will in such a way that your beneficiaries will be able to negotiate the executors fees and they will not necessarily have to pay the full 3,99% that is normally charged for the executor’s fee.

Banks and lawyers charge thousands in executors fees. One small change on you will can help you save thousands. This advice will not cost you a cent. Please contact me if you want more information.