Money matters, but HEALTH is WEALTH



Medical Aid

I work with all the major medical aid companies in South Africa and I compare all of their products to get the best value for money plan that will suit the individual needs of my clients. There is no "middle man cost" with medical aids and the monthly premium will be exactly the same whether you work via a broker or directly with the medical aid. The advantages of working via a broker is that he knows the law when a claim should be paid. I have often dealt with situations where a medical aid initially did not pay a claim, but this got rectified after I pointed out the clients legal rights. 

Contact me if you would like me to email you a comparison sheet between medical aids that you are considering.

Do you know someone who cannot afford medical aid but would like their children to be covered? If these children are going to school they can get a comprehensive medical aid with access to any hospital for only R325/m. (This option is also available to any tertiary student)

Gap Cover

I also recommend Gap cover to my clients. Most medical aids only pay 100% of recommended medical rates but most doctors charge more than these rates. Gap cover will pay the amount above 100% (up to 500%) for in hospital expenses.

Gap cover also provides for co-payments, sub-limit enhancers and extended cancer cover.

Medical Insurance

It is not possible to have 2 different medical aids that will both pay out in the event of a claim, but it is possible to have a medical aid and a medical insurance plan that will both pay out for the same event.

It is also possible to save on your medical aid cost without losing benefits  if you take a lower medical aid plan and combine it with a medical insurance plan.