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No need to explain what this insurance can cover. Almost all of us have short term insurance. This is also the type of insurance where I have been able to save money for most of my clients. 90% of the people who asked me to review their insurance got cheaper rates. The reviews were done on a like-for-like basis and I have often been able to get insurance with a more comprehensive cover for a cheaper premium.

I work with various companies and the correct quote can only be given if I have specific information, but you can go to this site ( Comparative Quote ) to get an idea of what the cost could be. 

Want to know the value of your car? Go to this link for a free calculation



This is a more specialized insurance. It is more than just covering your car and building from theft or damage.

Some of these types of cover are:

  • You can be covered for the financial loss that you might suffer due to some interruption of the business.
  • You can take out employees dishonesty cover where you might suffer a financial loss due to fraud by an employee.
  • You can also get specific cover for your type of business e.g. Protecting the belongings of your clients in your guesthouse.